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2014-15 Calendar

Keep up with events at King/Drew with our 2014-15 School Calendar. 

Counseling Support


We at King Drew know the importance of an all-around healthy student, including mental health. If students have problems and don’t receive the support they need, they are less likely to do well academically and in attending school daily. King Drew is fortunate to have a full-time Psychiatric Social Worker to provide that support.

En la escuela King Drew, sabemos la importancia de un estudiante sano versátil, incluida la salud mental. Si los estudiantes tienen problemas y no reciben el apoyo que necesitan, son menos propensos a hacer bien académicamente y en asistir a la escuela diariamente. King Drew es afortunado de tener un Trabajadora Social Escolar a tiempo completo para ofrecer ese apoyo.

PSW Letter to Parents.pdf

KDHS PSW Referral Form for Parents and Guardians.Eng.pdf

KDHS PSW Referral Form for Parents and Guardians.Span.pdf


Our House School Program Description. Span.pdf




Upcoming Events

  • Tuesday, February 3: Faculty Meeting after school
  • Friday, February 6; Career Day
  • Tuesday, February 10; PD Day; 1:18 dismissal
  • Monday, February 16; Presidents'' Day; No School

Career Day is February 6, 2015

Career Day is February 6, 2015


Talent Show

King Drew Talent Show

Thursday January 29, 2015

Lecture Hall


Come watch our talented King Drew students sing, dance, and perform in this year's Talent Show. See a Leadership student for tickets. Tickets are $3 ASB and $5 non-ASB. Show is almost sold out!

Posted by: Rikki-Lee Marzan
Published: 1/28/15

Valentine's Day Roses

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Here’s my way to say

I’m thinking of you


Roses on sale February 2– February6

1 rose: $3     2 roses: $5


Send a rose to someone special this Valentine’s Day.  Roses will be delivered during 4th period on Friday February 13, 2015. Stop by room 402 during Nutrition or Lunch to purchase your roses.

Posted by: Rikki-Lee Marzan
Published: 1/28/15

Clowning for a Cause
Do you want to see your faculty members clown for a cause on February 13th by wearing a crazy wig? Dancing in a hula skirt? Dying their hair? Shaving their head? Well, Relay for Life needs your help!
Staff members have pledged to do something silly all for raising money for Relay for Life to help benefit the American Cancer Society. 
Students AND staff can purchase tickets in Room 304 or 207 for only 25 cents each! There is no limit to how many tickets anyone can purchase, so come by before February 6th and be part of the craziness.

Staff Name

Pledge Description or # from above

# of tickets for pledge to happen

Mr. Landon,
Ms. Ghiassi

Wear a Banana Suit

500 each

Mr. Jaffe

Wear a crazy wig


Ms. Aubrey

Mixed-match attire/wear prom dress to school


Mr. Phillips

Dress like a fellow staff member


Ms. Thigpen

Shave head


Ms. Soto

Dye hair


Mrs. Agena,
Ms. Matthews,
Ms. Baucham,
Ms. Turner

Ms. Salen

Wear a grass skirt and dance when magic word is announced on the intercom

500 each

Ms. Ochoa,
Ms. Flores

Dress like a superhero

500 each

Ms. Marzan

Wear a grass skirt and dance when magic word is announced on the intercom. Wear mixed match attire.


Dye hair hot pink.







Mr. Lewis,
Ms. Kuper

Mixed-match attire

500 each

Ms. Kao

Dress up as opposite gender


Ms. Huynh

Dress like a baby


Mr. Zajc

Dress like an apple.


Dr. Johnstone



Mr. Freedman

Shave head.


Mr. Goldberg

Dress like a zombie.


Mr. Segal

Juggle and recite Hamlet’s “To be or not to be” when the magic word is announced on the intercom.


Ms. Hatchett

Dress as Bat Girl.


Posted by: Helen Huynh
Published: 1/26/15

Vision and Mission


Through a learning community focused on medicine and science, King Drew Magnet High School of Medicine and Science will develop students who achieve their highest academic, career and personal potential.

 Mission Statement

We engage our students in a rigorous program of academic study beginning with an emphasis on medicine and science.  Students develop essential skills in critical thinking, scientific inquiry, effective communication, technology, and personal growth—forging multiple paths to success in a dynamic 21st century world.

Activities Calendar

Today: 1/30/15
8:00 AM Career Program in OAR, Periods 1-4

Eagle Graduation Outcomes

Our Student Learning Outcomes are now known as Eagle Graduation Outcomes (EGO's).  The name may have changed, but the same high standards for students have not:

Student Learning Outcomes: Eagle Graduation Outcomes (EGOs):

King / Drew students are:

 Effective Communicators who

  • Listen, read and observe in order to discover, gather, interpret and evaluate information
  • Write and speak confidently and appropriately to diverse audiences
  • Use technology proficiently and confidently to support and enhance learning 

Critical Thinkers who

  • Use the scientific inquiry method as the basis for learning and decision-making
  • Apply knowledge and reason to solve problems
  • Connect the skills and content learned across the curriculum and evaluate multiple points of view

Goal Setters who

  • Self-evaluate long term goals and objectives
  • Articulate personal goals and a plan to achieve them
  • Apply a problem-solving process to real-life situations
  • Use school and community resources to support learning

Conscientious Leaders and Responsible Citizens who

  • Accept individual and group responsibilities and exhibit self-motivation and self-discipline
  • Develop effective leadership skills in a variety of settings
  • Embrace cultural diversity
  • Work to benefit family, school and community

Behavior Expectations

School-wide Postitive Behavior Support 

Be Respectful.

Be Responsible.

Be Safe.

Parent Student Handbook 2014-15