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Student Make-up Pictures
Clifford Photograpy will be on campus Friday, September 19 for Make-up pictures.  These pictures will be used for the Yearbook as well as Student ID Cards, which should be carried by students at all times.  If you are interested in purchasing pict... Continue
Posted by: Al Lewis
Published: 8/19/14

Stop by the ticket booth at nutrition and lunch on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday to purchase your ASB card for only $15.


What do you get with an ASB card? Monthly jean Fridays, theme dress, spirit weeks, free entry to home games, disc... Continue
Posted by: Rikki-Lee Marzan
Published: 7/1/14

Europe June 2015 - Sponsored by One World
Join us as we travel for 15 days through Portugal, Spain, and the French Riviera! In Portugal we will visit Lisbon, Evora, and Algarve. In Spain we will be visiting Seville, Costa del Sol, Granada, Alhambra, Valencia, and Barcelona. And four our f... Continue
Posted by: Rikki-Lee Marzan
Published: 6/27/14

2012 - 2013 Active Clubs

In order for a club to be listed, each school year the club must turn in a Club Info Sheet to ASB Leadership.

If an active club wishes to create a website, their advisor must create it using their schoolloop account and email Ms. Marzan in order for it to be linked.

Club Meeting Day/Time Meeting Location Advisor Student Rep
 Animal Rights Club - spread awareness to the student body and community of Animal Rights issues and raise money to donate to various animal shelters and organizations. Thurs. 3:15-4:15 Rm 102 Mr. Miller  Jeanette Wright
 Art Club  - Express ourselves in the artistic language Wed. 3:15-4:30 Rm 411 Ms. Rozmiarek  Bryan Villalpando
 Black Student Union  - allows students of all kind of race to rejooice in African-American cultures, life style, history, and activities.  Thursdays at lunch Rm 203 Mrs.Baucham-Rice  Deval Coleman
 Book Club  - Read and talk about different books Fridays @ Lunch Library Ms. Kim Shavontae Williams
 Brotherhood - an all male club that focus on academic achievements, community service, and global action.  Thursdays from 3:15-4:30pm Rm 313 Ms.Fordham, Ms.Fletcher, Ms.Guy  
 Certamen - Practice for upcoming open Certamen matches sponsored all over California at events such as SCRAM (Southern California Regional Amici Madness) and the California Latin Convention Fri. 3:15-4:30 Rm 102 Mr. Miller  Irvin Ibarra
 Clean Slate - abstinence program Thurs. @ Lunch Rm 410 Ms. Estrada  
 Collective - arts group whose purpose is to showcase the artistic talents of King/Drew Students.  Wednesdays 3:30pm Rm 111 Dr.Graeber  Princess Mayona
 Do Something @ King/Drew - focuses on volunteering and helping others with proejcts like those on the website.  Wed, @ Lunch   Ms. Estrada  Vanessa Roberson 
 Film - develop skills in making and editing films Thursdays @ Lunch Rm 204 Mr. Juanillo  
 Fittest - teach proper ettiquette, modeling and dancing styles Mondays 3:15-6pm Rm 104 Mr. Johnson  Stacy E, BreAhjanee S.
 GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) - an alliance of straight and gay members discussing LGBT issues to bring more tolerance and acceptance Wed. 3:15-4:30 Rm 304 or Rm 311 Ms. Salen, Ms. Matthews, Mr. Anguiano  
 Hermanas Unidas - offers an opportunity for Latinos and other ethnicities to learn about the Latino experience.  We are a cultural club that seeks to empower young Latina Women and develop and understanding of issues concerning the Latino community Thurs. 3:15-4:30 Rm. 209 Ms. Soto  
 I Have A Dream - informs students about civil rights and how they may affect them or the society around them Mon. & Wed Rm 212 Mr. Johnstone  Shian Brandolino
 Invisible Voices - help give people and things who can't speak for themselves a voice in teh world.  Whether it's the environment, the children of Uganda and advocate for others that are suffering. Thursdays @ Lunch Rm 403 Mr. Estrada  
 JSA - voicing your opinion on the political and social topics of our world Thurs. 3:30-4:30 Rm 113 Mr. Tomson, Mr. Durrah, Dr. Graeber  
 Key Club - international community service group focused on character building, leadership, inclusiveness and caring. Wednesdays @ Lunch Rm 207 Ms. Huynh  
 King/Drew Against Cancer - dedicated to spreading cancer awareness, providing support and participating in cancer advocacy. Fri.@ Lunch Rm 405 Ms. Reyes  
 Latin Club - place to interact with other students and allows students to work on their Latin skills and compete with other schools Tues. @ Lunch Rm 102 Mr. Miller  
 MESA - allow club members to apply math and science knowledge to their projects for competition Wed. 3:30-4:30, Saturdays 8a-12 Rm 305 Mr. Usher  Andrea Conejo
 One for One - coming together to express oneself and donate (money, clothes, time, etc). to underpriviledged children. Thursdays @ Lunch Rm 303 Ms. Bocande Auboni Davis 
 One World - to help the environment by getting students involved in community services. Mondays from 3:15-4:30pm Rm 402 Ms.Marzan  
 PEP (Pharmacy Exploring Program) - connect and inform students interested in pharmacy, the procedures, the "daily-life" and the benefits of a phamacy career Thurs. 3:10-4:30 Rm. 103 Ms. Woodlief  
 Spoken Word -  Expressing ones self through forms of "art"  3:05-4:00  Rm. 411 Ms. Rozmiarek & Mr. Segal Bryitani Ford, Jasmine Carter
 Sports Managers Association - Supports King/Drew's sports teams through fundraising.  By application only.  TBA Rm 305 Mr. Zajc  
 Steppin Stones - use your bodies to make noise and rhythm M, W, Th 3:30-4:30 Lecture Hall or Quad Ms. Cox  
 Robotics - involves building a robot to compete in the F.I.R.S.T. robotics competition in the second semester. Wed. @ Lunch Rm 405 Ms. Reyes, Ms. Wright  
 Teen Summit - a leadership group focused on student's self growth through leadership modules.  By application only.  TBA Rm 207  Ms. Huynh   
 Traveling Spirits  - Educate high school students about global issues and plan international trips Wed. @ Lunch Rm 212 Mr. Johnstone  Linda Vasquez
 VIPS (UCLA) - assist students seeking to excel in their current and future academic lives and prepare for college Tue. @ Lunch Rm 402 Ms. Marzan Travis Dumas